Five Seafood Dishes Best Served at Waterfront Restaurants

Unlike other excellent restaurants, most seafood restaurants los angeles are supplied with ingredients by local fishermen and have chefs with special training in seafood preparation. They set standards for delicate, fresh seafood and that’s why these five dishes taste best when ordered by the sea and are prepared by a special chef.

Lobster Bisque

It requires a real master to properly create this velvety delicacy, as the lobster has to go through several stages of preparation (steamed, sauteed and then cooked). If this is not done properly, lobster can become too much cooked, and the delicate taste can be easily masked by the heavy flavors of dairy ingredients. While many excellent restaurants offer this delicious soup, coastal restaurants are more likely to be the source of the freshest lobster, and have the right training to perform this dish masterfully.

Lake crab

The recipe that originally appeared on the Old Bay Seasoning can, crab cakes have come a long way in culinary history. Many seafood restaurants have reduced them to fluffy, tasty, deep-fried fish cakes. A true seafood chef will serve an authentic crab cake, whose shiny star will be fresh crab meat, enriched with spices and fresh herbs, then slightly fried and served next to a lemon wedge.

Diving scallops

Scallops come in many varieties, the most expensive and expensive of which is the “diving scallop”, which is collected by a licensed diver. Diving scallops are extremely labour-intensive, but as a result they are considered to be the freshest scallops with the most authentic taste. It is also the greenest way to collect scallops, as they are picked by hand and not collected by dredging the ocean floor with a net. Coastal restaurants are probably the only places where you can see these special scallops, and you can ensure that they are prepared by a chef who works closely with local suppliers.


The traditional South American speciality Ceviche is a dish prepared using a technique similar to curing, where fish are “cooked” with citrus juice. The key to mastering this dish is to obtain ultra-fresh fish or shrimps and then masterfully apply a special technique. The fish are soaked and “cooked” by citrus juice and enriched with the flavours of fresh herbs, spices and diced vegetables. You won’t see this rare delicacy in every seafood menu, but many coastal restaurants serve this specialty chilled as an appetizer.

Grilled halibut, flounder or sea bass

Some types of fish are easier to grill than others. Thicker, fatter types of fish, such as salmon, tuna, Mahi Mahi and swordfish, are considered easier to grill because their structure does not tend to stick or disintegrate on the grill. The hallmark of a real seafood chef is a grilled kind of delicate fish such as Halibut, Flounder or Sea Bass. Proper grilling of delicate fish results in a delicious meal, but requires special technique. Waterfront Restaurants are the best bet to find the best grilled fish.


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